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WPX Hosting Review 2021 – Overview + Pros & Cons!

WPX hosting is one of the best and popular web hosting in the market. But is it the best web hosting in 2021. So today we are going to find out.

When we build our first website then we face a lot of difficulties like choosing a good web host, a domain name, tools, and components for the website. The most difficult part is to pick up the right web host that will fit each and every requirement of your website.

Otherwise, you may pay more money or get fewer features for web hosting. so it becomes very crucial to choose the right web hosting. a web hosting holds 60% of the website’s success. 

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If you have wonderful and very attractive content on your website but cheap hosting then there is no use of it. Because most people will not able to access your website and some will leave it due to bad user experience. That is why it is recommended to take care when picking up a web hosting.

WPX hosting is the most popular web hosting in the market similar to WP Engine Hosting and has given many awards for the fastest web hosting for WordPress. But still, many bloggers have doubts about the services. It is right because your website’s success will depend on it. So today we will review WPX hosting and see all the features and WPX hosting’s pros and cons.

WPX Hosting Review 2021

WPX Hosting Review

WPX hosting is an enterprise-level premium managed hosting. they have a lot of features and tools to offer in the hosting plan. It is specially designed for those bloggers who have other works to do and cant handle their servers. So WPX Hosting will take care of it.

All you have to do is manage the content of the website and sleep without any worry about the servers and hosting.

Trustpilot and G2 crowd have ranked it in the first place in the top best web hosting and also as per’s wpx hosting coupons have ranked it on top even. they said it is the best web hosting solution for WordPress websites. Other than the WordPress system they offer full support to other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and many more tools.  So any type of website can be built with WPX hosting.

In case you’re looking for a PBN hosting then there’s no better than the only one SeekaHost Hosting.

1. Powerful Servers With CDN System(Preinstalled)

With WPX hosting, you can expect the best web servers that can handle any kind of website and are capable of providing the best performance speed. This means no one will miss your website for a second.

WPX hosting servers are fully compatible with business websites and eCommerce websites that get tons of traffic daily. For handling huge traffic they implement good systems and tools like CDN. It is a great and simple system that manages the traffic stress on servers by diverting traffic based on the location of the user.

This system boosts the global reach by enabling traffic to get data within seconds. The user experience of the website increases that drive good traffic back to the website.

2. SSD Storage For 10x Speed

Most of premium web hosting offers SSD storage for the servers. It is because SSD is 10 times faster than HHD drives which are mostly used. SSD drives are very expensive but the speed you get is worth it. The impact of SSD drives on the servers is that it will process all the functions on the servers with 10x speed. This makes the servers faster and it requires less time to process.

For enterprise-level and eCommerce websites speed is the most crucial factor to stay on the top and beat their competition. With more speed, they can generate a huge profit on the other hand with low speed than can go down.

3. Host Multiple Websites In Single Package

Very few top-level web hosting offers multiple websites hosting and WPX is one of them. in WPX Hosting they offer multiple domains hosting limits. the number of websites you can host is limited to the hosting plan. In the basic hosting package you will get 5 websites hosting and the limit increases with higher packages.

4. Automatic Daily Backup Of Website

The safety of the website is the most important factor in blogging. Because daily million attacks are happening on WordPress websites. So websites go corrupt and do malfunction. So it is on you to keep a backup of your entire website to retrieve it later. This requires you to daily do the manual backup. But it will be not convenient for those who don’t have much time. So for them, WPX hosting offers free daily backups of their website. the backup is stored on a different server so that it can be easily retrieved when required.

5. Free Site Migration & SSL Certificates

Moving your website to WPX Hosting is the easiest task and you don’t even have to do anything. The migration team will handle it all. You only have to tell them and the process will start. The migration is free of cost and there is no limit in it. You can move as many websites as you can.

On all your website a free SSL certificate will be installed automatically by WPX. So that your website will get a secure tick and people can easily trust it.  You will get SSL certificates for all your website and there is no limit on it.

WPX Hosting Pros & Cons

WPX hosting is a great web hosting with lots of premium features and good support. And remember nothing is 100% perfect. Everything has some disadvantages.


1. Multiple domain hosting. it is the best option for bloggers who manages multiple websites. They can host them in one place.

2. Free SSL certificates & and site migration for all the websites you host on it.


1. offers multiple websites hosting and not for a single website. so the price of the hosting plan is a bit expensive for those who only want 1 website.

2. No Cpanel as it is managed to host. so they provide their custom dashboard.

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